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Started Master in Communication Sciences

Last september I started studying again. However I love my job at M4N I also wanted to broathen my horizon on sciences and so I choose to dive into the world of Communication Sciences. Why? This was the only master in the field I did my bachelor in (Marketing) and the study is focused on new media which is one of my favorable interests.

I decided to do it at the VU university in Amsterdam. They offer different masters in the field of communication and I decided to do the master “media psychology”. This master offers lectures in:

  • Interpersonal communication – We discuss topics as “how do new media influence the way we communicate with each other” and “how do we interact with avater mediated communication?”.
  • Persuasive and marketing communication – “how and why are we influenced by advertisements we see?” and “how can you make costumers love your product?”.
  • Statistical methos for the social sciences – And of course there are mandatory courses in statistics offered.

I really enjoy my time at the VU and I’m excited what october will bring….

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