26 February 2008 0 Comments

Graduating in Barcelona

As some of you might know, I will stay in Barcelona for the upcoming 5 months. And no.. not just for pleasure, although I would like to explore everything in this city! And in this pleasant climate I will be spending too much time on some of the beaches around here. No, I will be working on my graduation project!

I just arrived in Barcelona and my first impressions are good. The city is beautiful, just really beautiful. It even makes me happy to get lost in the narrow streets of the Barri Gothic area in Barcelona (part of the old town), and discovering new squares and shops. Just one thing is missing in my perfect life, an apartment to live in. Living in a hotel is not as comfortable as you might think ;) . The time between finding an apartment, and signing a rental contract, is quite long. Welcome to Spain!

Anyway, back to business, my graduation project. Most of my time I will spend in the Oh-holidays office to work on my graduation project. The company is renting out apartments in Berlin, Barcelona, Paris and other European cities, mainly via the internet. Online marketing is often used, so I don’t need to explain them terms as SEO and Affiliate Marketing. My project focuses mainly on the online marketing aspect, for an international online Barcelona guide. There are many things that can be changed on that particular website, most important steps in the first part of the project is to set up a new websitesite structure, creating content and implementing features. Main goal at the end of the project is to redirect the visitors from the Barcelona Guide to Oh-barcelona.com, so that they will make a booking.

16 weeks left and enough to do!

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