20 October 2007 1 Comment

Driving lessons!

Finally, I am going to start with my driving lessons! I wasn’t that type of person who starts driving on his 18th birthday, but now, with the age of 20 I might wanna start.

2 weeks ago I had an intake lesson, which is some kind of test. The driversschool wanted to see how quick I learn and how I handle new situations. Kinda funny and very exciting all well! It went quite oke, the professor was a nice person, and they gave me advise to take 32 lessons (40 € for each..).

The first lessons took place in a simulator, this is some kind of new system to reduce costs (and accidents? :O). The car is almost real from the inside, however the people walking on the streets look a bit unreal. It is a good way to learn everything in theory, but I have learned to shift gear as well. Thuesday it’s gonna start with the serious stuff, on a real road! Wish me luck and better stay @ home.



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  1. martijn 3 November 2007 at 7:14 am #

    al de simu en 8 lessen achter de rug. lein wordt al een echte coureur…strakjes lekker naar duitsland rijden! whiee.

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