16 October 2008 0 Comments

Graduated as a Bachelor of Marketing

After not being that active on my blog, I am very pleased to announce that I am graduated!

A few weeks ago I flew back to Amsterdam to presentate my graduation project. I went very well, better than my supervisor actually expected. Very quickly after being back in Barcelona I heard that I was graduated with an 8 for my graduating project about online marketing. The project was more focused on the technical aspect of online marketing (onsite SEO) but good enough for a Marketing study. One of the golden keys on universities nowadays to success is to use some old fashioned marketing models like the AIDA model, the Hierarchy of needs and some Porter stuff. Some of them are still useful though!

And again I flew back to Amsterdam to receive my diploma. It was a pretty day with sun, singing birds and everything nice. I was happy to see some friends from the early days and some teachers from the HES Amsterdam. I got my diploma on my 21st birthday and I feel free to do whatever I want, and to choose whatever I want to do. I am still very happy to work for M4N and living in Barcelona and I’m thinking about what I want to do as a Master.

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